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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report November 4, 2015

Striped Bass

More and more, I am getting reports of bigger fish (overs) being caught from the Chester down to the Choptank River. For the most part around the Annapolis area, most of the larger fish have moved out towards the mouths of the rivers. Of course, except areas like Round Bay and the Upper Magothy, which are holding few suspended fish in 25 feet of water along channel edges.

Though keepers are still being caught in these areas, the majority of these fish, especially overs, are holding out towards the mouths of these rivers. This is also the case in the Eastern Bay on down to the Choptank.

Primary methods for wrangling stripers has been with plastic
(BKDs, Bass Assassins, Zoom’s, Z-Man’s, etc.), jigging on 1/2 to 3/4oz Mission Fishin Jig heads with Chartreuse or White patterns, or the Sting Silver. This popular one is a time-honored favorite as it almost perfectly resembles a silverside or bay anchovy.

The topwater bite seems to remain present around jetties and grass beds on ledges with Smack-it’s and Zara Spooks. However, the last high-pressure system that moved in brought cold air and a significant water temperature drop that is likely to end very quickly, unless a warm front moves in.

The troll bite around the mouth of the rivers has been phenomenal, barring the right ebb and flood tide relevant to the time of day. Anglers around the Severn and South River have been hard pressed not to pull together limits of fish, mainly on double drop umbrellas and white Hard Head Custom Baits in 1 to 4oz. Still look for the channel edges and places where stripers can ambush bait, as large schools are still hanging on ledges and breaking frequently. Do yourself a favor, get on the downtide away from the smaller fish, and go at it! Chumming is still a valid option barring you can find a bunker and don’t mind a dirty boat. Get out on Hackett’s and Podickory Point in 25 to 28 feet of water on an ebb tide.
As far as a fly fishing bite goes, the Narrows has been chocked full of schoolies, as well as Prospect Bay and in the Severn off Greenbury Point as well. Try using weighted clousers and a gummy minnow to have a good time on the fly.

White Perch

It’s jigging time guys and gals, one of my personal favorite times of the year! The hardest part of catching big black backs is just finding them, at least that is until this high-pressure system came in which has turned the bite off a little bit. But not to fear, a pattern change is simply just that! Oyster beds and hard bottom in 20 to 27 feet of water is a great place to look, just turn the fishfinder on, start cruising and ready the anchor. Surprisingly, enough gold stingsilvers, as well as 1 oz. P-line jigs have been producing a nice grade of fish, resembling smaller bullhead minnows and such. If you aren’t interested in catching them on artificial baits, the good news is that minnows, grass shrimp, bloodworms, and razor clams are a fantastic option. As well on #4 or 6 baitholder hooks attached to an ounce of weight down on the bottom.


We just started to hear some good reports out of the Magothy and Severn Rivers that pickerel fishing is ON! Search for those grass beds and rock jetties using spinners (maybe on old fashioned Mepps?) or my all-time favorite, a shad dart, and some 1” Berkley Gulp minnows. Expect things to get better over the coming weeks!

In the meantime and as usual,

Tight Lines,

Capt. Avedon

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