Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report

Happy Friday the 13th! “Roctober” has been pretty good so far this year. Fish are definitely being caught all over the place, mostly smaller fish right now though. There are a few keeper sized Rockfish being reported, they just aren’t flying over the rail. Some of the better spots this past week have been inside Love Point on the Chester River. From the LP buoy to the Dumping Grounds, you’ll find fish in shallow and deeper water. If you’re fishing shallow water, look to use a topwater bait like a Smack-It or a Mega Eye Holographic Popper made by The Lonely Angler. You can also throw the Logic Lure tandem rig and swap out the fluke that comes with it to your favorite soft plastics like BKDs or Bust’em Baits.

The Bay Bridge pilings have been good this week. Live-lining and jigging have both produced a decent amount of fish, just mostly smaller fish. If you work the deeper part of the water column, there are definitely bigger fish toward the bottom of the schools. If you can’t find Spot to live line, look to use smaller sized Perch as an alternative. The 4″-5″ range of Perch work just fine.

Shallow Water

Fishing shallow water in the area? The Patapsco River around Mount Point, Hacketts Point and Thomas Point have all been great spots to target. At Thomas Point, we’ve heard great reports from anglers fishing from shore and from boat around the light house. Early in the morning, topwater surface plugs have been the winning ticket and once the sun comes up, cut bait has seemed to work really well. Moving a little further south, the inside of Poplar Island has been great for topwater fishing. There were reports of good fish being caught in the upper Severn River and around Round Bay in the Severn.

If you’re trolling around, the Spoonbrellas with an inline weight in 35′ of water mimics a little pod of baitfish. These have been working well this week. Surgical hoses in red or green color have also been working well. Some of the better areas to troll have been Love Point, the mouth of the Patapsco River and just south of the Bay Bridge around Hacketts Point.


Jigging has been hit or miss but we’re liking the Hard Head Big Eye jigs with the mylar holographic skirts. They’re working especially in the mouth of Eastern Bay and back into the Miles River. If you’re jigging the area and you’re finding Bluefish, look to use the 1-1/2oz sting silver with a 1/4oz feathered jig tandem rig and work the bottom of the school. This is a great rig to use when around Blues because you’ll get bit off a lot less using metal.

Shore Fishing

Shore anglers have reported the best action at Thomas Point. Plugs and sub surface baits have been the ticket there. Sandy Point has been good this week on Soft Crab, Peeler Crab, Alewife, Cut Spot or if you can find them, Live Spot. Matapeake has been decent in the morning or later in the evening. Romancoke has been hot this past week with reports of a nice mix of Rockfish, Bluefish and Spanish Mackerel.

Pro Staffer Alex Perez with a nice Redfish caught with the Live Target Swimbait.

Bottom Fishing

Where have all the Spot gone? Well, they are definitely moving south! We’ve heard reports of a few being caught near the Bay Bridge pilings but that is few and far between. Your best chances are going to be around Hacketts Point, Poplar Island and further South. Perch are moving out of the creeks and rivers so look to target the mouths of nearly any tidal river in the area. Bottom fishing with Bloodworm, Razor Clams or Soft Crab are your best bets for Perch. Some of the better spots have been the Severn, Magothy and Chester Rivers.


Crabs have been doing well lately. They’re definitely fattening up and the best crabs are being caught in 10’+ of water on a moving tide. Razor Clams or Chicken Necks have been great. If you haven’t checked out our video of how to trotline for crabs, you should do that here.