Image: Left: Chris, Cara and Frankie Walczak stopped by our Customer Appreciation Event this weekend to get set up with a brand new Penn Battle III/St. Croix combo. Less than an hour later Cara was hooked up to a small rockfish! Right: Eddie Weber and his son EJ jigged up a nice 22 incher in the Whitehall area!

Rockfish: “Rocktober” fishing is on fire! We are starting to get reports of larger fish, from the mid twenties up to the lower thirties, being caught all over the bay! Fishing at the mouths and inside of the rivers is generally the way to go this time of year. We’ve been getting the best reports from the Patapsco and the Chester Rivers up north, and the Choptank River in the southern bay. In the main bay, the bay bridge has been productive, along with Thomas Point (both the light house and the point itself) and the Eastern Bay. The sewer pipe just north of the bay bridge on the eastern shore side is also a good spot. A number of different methods of fishing are producing right now! Trolling with smaller profile tandems and umbrellas is still proving successful. You may want to start mixing it up by throwing 1-2 larger profile baits in the mix as well. If you prefer to jig, use 3/4-1 oz jig heads with 7″ profile baits, and fish in shallower water, 25 feet of water or less. If fishing closer to the shore or structure, use lighter jig heads with paddletails, x-raps or jerk baits! Last but not least, don’t forget about chumming this time of year! Love Point, Hackett Point and Tolly Point would all be great places to try!

Pickerel: Pickerel are starting to show up in the rivers, and are a very fun fish to target! Use small paddletails in shallow water along shorelines.

Perch: There are still some white perch up in the creeks, but for the most part they’ll be in deeper water now. Use a sabiki rig or a bottom rig over hard bottom or submerged structure to find them! Keep an eye out for yellow perch starting to show up in shallow water as well!

Trout: While the sea trout have moved south into Virginia waters, now is the time of year to target fresh water trout! Trout stocking has begun, and you can sign up to receive updates on DNR’s website!

Crabbing: Crabbing is actually still fantastic! They will be in much deeper water, so you’ll need to place your traps or trotline anywhere from 12-20 feet, but by doing so you should be able to catch some monster sized crabs!