Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report – October 5th, 2017

Fall is officially here and “Rocktober” is one of our favorite months! Crabs are running thick, Rockfish are getting aggressive and we’re throwing an epic sales event on Saturday, October 21st! We’re going to have deep discounts on lots of different things in the store and every sale over $20 that day will receive a raffle ticket to win a 4 minute $1500 shopping spree in our store! Go here for more info and to see all the sales going on that day!


As the temperatures fall, fish become more aggressive, chasing bait all over the bay. It’s a pretty common thing to see birds attacking bait from above and breaking fish attacking bait from below. This is exactly what you want to look for if you’re running around on the bay.

In the upper section of the Bay anglers are having success fishing topwater plugs and poppers on grass and channel edges early in the morning. Once the sun is up you can switch to trolling or chumming the channel edges. If you’re trolling, look to use surgical hoses, umbrella rigs with 4″-6″ shads in chartreuse or white and metal spoons…they have all been working. Chumming has also been producing fish while using cut bait like Alewife (aka LY or Menhaden) or soft crab. Some of the hotter spots have been between Hart-Miller Island and Pooles Island, North Point State Park as well as the mouth of the Patapsco River.

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Live Target Swimbaits

Alex Perez took a break from being busy in the shop and got into some keepers with the Live Target Menhaden swimbait!

Moving south in the Bay we hit hot spots like Swan Point, Gibson Island, and the Bay Bridge. Chumming and using cut Alewife produced a few nice fish just off Swan Point this week. Early morning topwater fishing around Gibson Island produced a bunch of fish, mostly throwbacks with a few keepers mixed in. Anglers who stopped by the shop and picked up Live Spot had great success live-lining the Bay Bridge pilings. Most of them reported limiting out in less than an hour but had a ton of fun!

As we get past the Bay Bridge, we had good reports from a few spots such as Hackett Point, Thomas Point and the mouth of the Eastern Bay. Anglers had success chumming/chunking Alewife on the southeastern edge of Hacketts, especially in the evening on a moving tide. Thomas Point offered up some great evening topwater action landing a few keepers just as the sun was setting. Topwater baits such as The Lonely Anlger’s Mini Mega Eye Holo in Bunker or Red Head produced really well. Down in the mouth of the Eastern Bay, anglers hooked up with decent fish while live-lining as well as jigging schools of breaking fish.

In the Southern section of the Bay we heard reports of multi-species hook-ups just north of Calvert Cliffs on the western side of the bay and inside Barren Island on the eastern side. Anglers are catching a mix of Bluefish, Red Drum, Rockfish and Speckled Trout. Trolling this area, you’ll want to use surgical hoses in Red or Green or drone spoons on a size 1 or 2 planer. Bottom fishing with cut Alewife or soft crab have been working well also.


Perch are starting to move all over and anglers are having success catching them with a variety of techniques. Bottom fishing with pieces of soft crab, bloodworms or razor clams has been working well. The Float & Fly technique with a bobber and a shad dart tipped with live bait is a killer technique as the water cools down. Throwing spinner baits like the Bert’s Perch Pounder around shallow structure in the creeks and rivers has been ok. We’ve had a few anglers report that the spinnerbait bite shut down but that live bait has been working well. We would recommend you carry both with you, just in case!


This is the season for fat local crabs! We’ve seen some nice #1 males being caught in 8′-10′ of water on a transitioning tide in several of the rivers around here. They’re gorging themselves on anything they can get their claws on in preparation for the winter. Baits such as frozen Alewife, Razor Clams or Chicken Necks have all been working well. If you need any traps or supplies, be sure to come in and stock up! We have a wide range of crabbing supplies and our staff is here to help answer any questions you may have!