Image: Left: Ben Harding caught this rockfish with a BKD on a 1 oz jig in the Severn River! Right: Surprise! A few mackerel are still in the area! John Betzel caught this one at Hackett Point while trolling at 3 mph targeting rockfish!

Rockfish: Take your pick, because just about any method of fishing is producing right now! A lot of people are still trolling, and it’s been great north of the bridge at the mouth of the Magothy and the mouth of the Patapsco, and at Swann Point, the mouth of the Chester and Love Point. Troll in 20-30 feet of water with tandems, spoons, umbrella rigs or spoonbrella rigs. Jigging has been good around all of the same areas. In shallower water, try top water around points, paddletails on smaller sized jig heads, or x-raps. The Severn River and the Patapsco River have both been productive.

Mackerel: There are still mackerel in the area! We’ve heard reports as far north as Hacketts and the mouth of the Magothy! As water temperatures cool down you can troll for them at a slower speed, which is why we are now seeing them caught while trolling for rockfish! Use spoons or a spoonbrella rig

Bluefish: Bluefish are still all over the bay and smaller ones are even in the rivers. Troll for them with spoons, or jig metal jigs!

White Perch: White perch are still around in shallow water near rocks and docks, but with cooler water temperatures you might want to fish for them a little bit slower. Try using a tandem! They are also starting to move more into deeper water over hard bottom. Hackett Point is a great example of where to fish for them! Use metal jigs or sabiki rigs.

Catfish: We have seen a lot of big catfish caught recently! They are all over the bay, but if you really want to get into some big ones, head north to the area just below the Conowingo dam! There is a large park where you can fish from shore, so take some fresh alewife or chicken livers and have fun!

Snakehead: While Snakehead fishing is slowing a little bit at Blackwater, you can still have a good day catching a few fish! Fish slower, sub-surface lures like paddletails or x-raps. We have actually seen bigger fish being caught on the Western Shore, up in the Flats and the Bush River!

Speckled Trout: The speckled trout bite is still pretty hot down south toward Tangier Sound. Be sure to rig your paddletails weedless on light jig heads so that you can get into those shallow water grass beds around all of the islands!