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Opening Day! Great day for the guys aboard Last Hurrah Charters catching their limit with Captain Scott Singleton. Wait to go!


Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report

The Rockfish are Here!


The Rockfish are here! We here at Angler’s are reporting a successful trolling from Love Point on South past Bloody on the eastern side, in an incoming/outgoing tide of 35 to 60 ft. Folks have been productive using chartreuse, John Deere green, and white tandems or umbrellas.

Our reports have 75 percent of fish being caught on white during the first week of the season. Chumming has also been an extremely effective means of catching these big cows.

Customers and staff have noticed that the shoals along the river mouths, such as along Hackett’s, Tollys, Thomas, Love, and Podickory Point, have been producing a great light tackle bite. Success has been reported in 25 to 30 ft of incoming/outgoing tide, chunking alewife and/or putting bloodworms on the bottom with a fish-finder rig.

This success has been reported by fishermen both on the shore and from boats!

Many anglers have been producing good numbers in the morning and the evening at Sandy Point State Park and Matatpeake State Park on the same rigs, preferably on an incoming tide.

Recently we anchored up at Hackett’s and chummed in 30ft of water. We picked up three keeper fish including one that was well over 25lbs! We mainly fished an incoming tide, with 1” steak cut alwife on the bottom. We chatted with a couple captains who caught their limits trolling just outside the South River. They reported catching most of their fish using large white tandems and umbrella rigs. Another captain reported catching his seven fish limit off of Bloody Point; with 5 of his 7 fish caught on a white Daisey Chain.

White Perch and Yellow Perch

The yellow perch run, for the most part, is just about over. Anglers are stating that just a few post-spawn yellows are being caught on the way out of Hillsboro, Greensboro, and the upper reaches of the Chester River in Millington. White perch, are spawning on the shore, as we speak. Hillsboro has yielded great numbers, as well as Red Bridges, and the reaches are down the Choptank through to Denton and Millington. Folks have said the best baits have been white shad darts with bull minnows and grass shrimp.


The water is still a little too cold to trotline just yet, but keep calm; the crabs are coming! Be we just need to be patient and wait until the water reaches 60 degrees, and the possibilities will be wide open!

Tight Lines!


Show Us What You Caught!

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