Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report

September 14th, 2018

Fishing over the last week was actually really good despite the unfavorable conditions. We’ve had reports of anglers catching a variety of species all over the Bay. This weekend is looking like it may be another wet one with rain in the forecast. We are asking that if you plan on going out, make sure to pay attention to any advisories the state may issue and fish with extreme caution. Due to hurricane Florence we are anticipating high water conditions that could be anywhere from 1′-3′ higher than normal. This could wash large debris into the bay and create dangerous conditions for boaters. Make sure you’re aware of your surroundings and be safe out there!


The live-line bite continues to produce this week as many anglers are hooking into good sized keeper Rockfish while live-lining Spot or White Perch. Some of the better areas this week have been the channel ledges around Swan, Love, Podickory and Hacketts Points. The Key and Bay Bridge pilings have also been holding decent size Rockfish. Look to target them with skirted jigs, live-lined Spot, or cut Alewife/Soft Crab on the bottom.

Father/Son duo Justin and Ken Wild made it out this past weekend to do some light tackle fishing. Son Justin (left) landed a nice 31.5″ keeper and Dad Ken (right) hooked up with a nice 26″ keeper fishing light tackle near Podickory Point. Good times and great memories made!!

Water temps have dropped significantly over the last week with temps right around 75º in the Upper Bay region. With the cooler, oxygen-rich waters, we’re seeing more and more breaking fish out there. With that, Fall patterns are starting to take shape. Breaking fish around structure is prime for some seriously fun topwater action. Look to target Rockfish on top in the Eastern Bay, Poplar Island, the rock piles around the Bay Bridge and pretty much anywhere near structure in shallow water that is close to deep water access.

Eric Packard landed another Rockfish while fishing with a skirted jig and white paddle tail trailer in his local creek. Expect this bite to continue through the Fall!

Trolling Bucktails, Spoons and Surgical Hoses along the channel ledges from the Bay Bridge down to the mouth of the Patapsco have landed some fish here and there. With the weather predicted, trolling may prove to be quite difficult this weekend. There is a good chance we will see large debris floating around and that is never a good thing for trolling.

Spot / Perch / Croaker

Spot and Perch continue to be caught in the Upper Bay region this week. Look to find them in 15′ of water on hard bottom in the Magothy, Chester and around the western side of Bay Bridge. You can catch them with little pieces of Bloodworms, Razor Clams or Grass Shrimp on bottom rigs. You can also target Perch in/around shallow structure like piers, rip-rap, grass beds and submerged brush. Look to use a small spinnerbait like a Mepps Roostertail or Bert’s Perch Pounder. When the water is stained look to use gold bladed spinners like Jamie’s Halloween, Bus Stop, Magothy Money, Crab Fat or a classic like Chartreuse and Gold.

Some of the top performing Perch Pounders you should throw in these water conditions.

Croaker have been caught on hard bottom in 15′ of water in the Eastern Bay and further south. Look to catch these with bits of Bloodworm on bottom rigs. Some of the hotter spots have been further south around the mouth of the Potomac or Pautuxent Rivers.

Channel and Blue Catfish

Isaac braved the conditions this past weekend and got out with Granddad to catch a few nice Catfish! Way to go Isaac!

If you’re bottom fishing in pretty much any part of the Bay, you’re more than likely going to catch a catfish. Mostly Channel Catfish from the Middle-Upper Bay with some Blue Catfish mixed in further south. Some of the more popular baits have been fresh Alewife, Soft Crab, Perch or Nightcrawlers. We’re expecting more and more of them to be caught in the future due to the flood conditions in the upper bay and the dam being opened with such frequency.

Maria and her boyfriend got out on the water this past week and Maria doubled up on the Catfish with bloodworms! Bet that was fun!

Flounder / Spanish Mackerel / Redfish

Locally there are still some reports of nice Spanish Macks being caught speed trolling around 72a and the target ships. Trolling drone spoons on size 1 or 2 planers has worked lately but we’re anticipating this bite to slowly die off with the amount of freshwater being introduced to the upper regions of the Bay. Casting Rain Minnow jigs from G-Eye jigs has worked pretty well also.

Maria also got a rare Flounder in Stoney Creek fishing on the bottom with Bloodworms! Way to go Maria!

Flounder are being caught in the southern portion of the Bay on white Gulp Mullet jigged off the bottom. They’re also being caught with Bloodworms. A rare end of Summer Flounder was caught in Stoney Creek this past week as well! You just never know what you’re gunna get!

The Redfish bite that was on fire over the past few weeks has been slowly tapering off and we’re anticipating it to continue that trend over the next couple weeks.

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