Left: Brian Smack and his boys caught these bluefish near Matapeake with gold, silver and pink sting silvers with yellow feathers. They were casting towards the diving birds!
Right: Gaylen T caught this 43″ redfish just off of Point Lookout. He was using a 1 oz jig, and 20 lb braid with a 25 lb leader!

Rockfish: This is the time of year when shallow water fishing heats up! Try fishing topwater near structure in the rivers or in shallow (10 ft or less) areas of the main bay. The Eastern Bay and Poplar Island are both hot spots for shallow, topwater fishing. Look for places that are shallow with a deep drop off. Fishing right around the Thomas Point Lighthouse has been good, as well as the Patapsco River near the Key Bridge and the Severn River between the two bridges. Jigging in shallow water is also effective. If you would like to troll for rockfish instead, try red, blue and purple hoses.

Spanish Mackerel: Mackerel can be caught just about anywhere right now, with large numbers being caught in the Severn, at the mouth of the river, and near Tolly Point! Thomas Point and Bloody Point are still great spots for them. Troll 6-8 mph with size 1 or 2 spoons on number 1 or 2 planers, or cast metal sting silvers into breaking fish.

Bluefish: Similar to mackerel, bluefish are all over the bay. Fishermen have caught them in large numbers from the mouth of the Patuxent up to the bridge! You’ll likely catch a few while trolling for mackerel, but if you’d like to target them more specifically you will want to slow your speed down just a bit. You can also catch them by casting sting silvers or bucktail.

Redfish: We are seeing more and more Redfish in our area! Areas south such as Point Lookout, have been the most productive. Fish for them now before they move out of Maryland waters!

Black Drum: There have been a few reports of pier fishermen catching black drum with bait shrimp! Matapeake and Kent Narrows are good places to give it a try!

Perch: While spot are becoming harder to find, Perch are still here! They starting to move out of the creeks towards the mouths of the river. Pick up some perch pounders or bloodworms to catch them!

Speckled Trout: Speckled Trout are showing up in our area! Several have been caught at the mouth of the Severn and even in the Severn. Further south, the Tangier sound has the best Speckled Trout bite that have heard of in a couple of years!

Crabbing: Crabbing is still great! You may find that you start to catch smaller number of crabs, but that they are larger and more full. Both chicken necks and razor clams are still working well.