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Countdown to Trophy Rockfish Season

Countdown to Trophy Rockfish Season

With Trophy Rockfish season opening this Saturday, April 15th, we wanted to put together a list of some of our favorite items for the spring season. Whether it’s gear, tackle or bait, we are stocked up and ready for the season. Here are a few things that we carry that you may need to get before this weekend!

1.) Custom Okuma SLX-15L/Ande Stand-up Combo

Okuma SLX-15L spooled w/ 40lb mono

Okuma SLX-15L spooled w/ 40lb mono

This combo is perfect for landing that Trophy Rockfish while trolling this season. The Okuma Solterra SLX Lever Drag Reels utilize thrust bearings to deliver a powerful graphite-framed family of lever drag reels with exceptional drag performance. It has stainless steel main gears, pinion gears and shafts as well as a carbonite drag system.  We’ve paired this with the Ande Stand-up trolling rod for an all-round great combo that keeps your gear small and lightweight without giving up power.

2.) Umbrella Rigs

Rigged 15" 6 Arm Mylar Umbrella Rig

Rigged 15″ 6 Arm Mylar Umbrella Rig

One of the most productive trolling lures in the bay is the umbrella rig. We’ve been custom making these Mylar Umbrella Rigs for quite some time now and they’re as popular as ever. They come in either mylar bunker or mylar chartreuse and range in size 12” up to 20” with 4 or 6 arms. We also carry all of your traditional parachute umbrellas in almost every size & style.  For those looking to create your own custom umbrella rigs we carry all component parts!

3.) Single Parachutes

Rock Fish Candy 2oz. Mini Skirt parachute rig.

Rock Fish Candy 2oz. Mini Skirt parachute rig.

Parachutes come in a variety of sizes, colors and head shapes. We carry a nice selection of parachutes ranging in size from 2oz Rock Fish Candy Mini Skirts to 48oz. Hitchcraft Cannon Ball Parachutes. The new Rock Fish Candy Mini skirts are made with a silicone skirt and look fantastic in the water! Be sure to swing by soon and take a look under our skirts!

4.) Daisy Chain Rigs

Pre-rigged daisy chain rigs in white or chartreuse.

Pre-rigged daisy chain rigs in white or chartreuse.

Daisy chains are a great way to get the same “school of fish” effect as an umbrella rig without the heavy drag.  Whether you’re looking to buy a pre-rigged daisy chain set-up or make your own, we have what you need! Our rigged daisy chains come complete with 3 teasers, a 4-6oz parachute trailer, and 9” shad.

5.) Shads

We have plenty of shad for you to choose from!

We have plenty of shad for you to choose from!

We carry a wide selection of shads ranging in size and color from 4″ to 12″. We carry holographic shads which cost a little more but they’re very productive and look great in the water. Wether you’re just getting a couple to use as jig trailers or a couple dozen to rig up your umbrella rigs, we have plenty in stock and discounts on bulk buys.

6.) Planer Boards

White poly board planer and planer reel.

White poly board planer and planer reel.

If you’re trolling this trophy season, you will want to get a couple planer boards to help make your trip a success. These boards help run more spreads and help get your spreads away from your boat engine noise. We carry wood planer board sets ($199.99) as well as a white poly board planer sets ($249.99), which hold up much longer in the water. Not only do we carry the board sets but we also carry many accessories such as clips, flags and line. If you have any questions before you purchase, just ask one of our pro staff and we’ll be happy to help you out!

7.) Bait!

Anglers offers the widest selection of fresh bait around. If you’re headed out on the bay, you have to stop by the shop and pick up your bait. We carry bloodworms, fresh bunker, minnows and more. All our bait is fresh and stocked up for the trophy season. We are expanding our hours to make sure we’re here for you but if you need bait after hours we have a 24-hour bait machine which has frozen bait and nightcrawlers.

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