Angler’s How-to Series: Fish Finder Rig

Mike from Anglers Sports Center demonstrates how to tie a fish finder rig which is a great set up for chumming for Rockfish. The first part of the rig is the “fish finder” which freely moves on the line and the weight that attaches to the snap on the fish finder.  Then tie on a spam swivel and connect a Circle Hook.  This rig allows you to fish your bait on the bottom and as the rockfish taps at the bait you can lower your tip or let out your line without the fish pulling the weight off the bottom.

Mike recommends using a #3 or a #5 snap swivel as a stopper.  Then attach a 36″ leader with a 4/0 or 6/0 Circle Hook. This will allow you to fish with 2 to 3oz. of weight to hold on to the bottom while allowing the leader to freely move about the floor of the bay.

Rockfish love fresh Alewife. When you are portioning the bait, slice through the fresh fish right below the head, cutting approximately one-inch steaks. Then drive the hook through the back and out the side, leaving enough to hook the fish, but to not totally expose the hook.

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