Live Bait

Anglers Sport Center offers the best selection of fresh, frozen or live bait. We are open early and stay open late and also offer a bait machine outside for your convenience! Learn more about our bait here!

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Reel Station

Anglers Sport Center offers a convenient reel spooling service to get you back on the water quickly! Whether you buy a new reel from us, or bring in your reel, we are able to spool it at our reel station!

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Tips & Tricks

How to: Clean a Soft Crab for eating

 Mike shows us how to clean a soft crab for eating. It is a very easy and quick process and helps keep soft crabs fresher longer before you cook them!

Join Braided main line with a Monofilament or Fluorocarbon leader

Join your Braided main line with a Monofilament or Fluorocarbon leader  Alex shows us how to join your braided main line with a Monofilament or Fluorocarbon leader using three different knots. The three knots that Alex uses to do this are the Uni to Uni, The Albright and the FG knot.

Fishing License

You can purchase a resident or non-resident Maryland recreational fishing license at our shop. Licenses should be paid for with cash, but we can accept credit cards transactions for an extra $2.00 charge. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays the License department closes 1 hour before the close of the store.

Maryland Resident

Below is a list of Maryland resident fishing/crabbing licenses available and the cost for those:
• 2019 7-Day Bay & Coastal Fishing – $6.00
• 2019 7-Day Non-Tidal Fishing – $7.50
• 365 Bay & Coastal Fishing – $15.00
• 365 Bay & Coastal Fishing Boat – $50.00
• 365 Non-Tidal Fishing – $20.50
• 365 Recreational Crabbing – $5.00
• 365 Recreational Crabbing Add-On – $2.00
• 365 Recreational Crabbing Boat – $15.00
• 365 Trout Stamp – $5.00


Non-resident fishing licenses are available for sale at our shop. The cost of a license varies depending on your home state.