Our goal is for you to catch more fish! We have an extensive selection of rods, reels, and pre-rigged combos available, or our staff can set you up with a custom combo. We offer a variety of live, fresh and frozen bait, and stock thousands of different fishing lures! Our staff can help you to determine what lures and/or bait will best for you based on the time of year and your target species.

Curious about how to catch a certain type of fish or want to know more about fishing in general? Check out our fishing tutorials! There are videos on how to tie knots, how to target various species, how to choose the right gear and more. If you are interested in learning about products such as reels, rods and lures, check out our product videos.

Anglers Reel Station

Whether you buy a reel from us or bring in your own, we can spool it for you!
Extra services include Fluro/Mono Leaders, Fly/Braid Backing, & rod tip replacements.