Fresh/Live Bait

Please call ahead to make sure that we have what you need in stock. All bait is first come first served.

Fresh Alewife

Our Alewife (or Bunker, Menhaden…whatever you call it!) are caught locally and delivered the same day.  We pride ourselves on offering quality bait that does not fall apart as soon as you cut it.  We get rid of our fresh fish after 2 days, never allowing it to go bad.

Live Bloodworms

Our Bloodworms are flown overnight 4-6 days a week to ensure a fresh, high quality product. We offer bags of 1 dozen Regular Bloodworms or bags of half dozen Jumbo Bloodworms.

Bait Boyz Bloodworms

Leave it to the Bait Boyz to find new untapped sources for your favorite bait! Worms dug closer to home means that they don’t need to be flown in and are fresh, big, plump and ready to catch fish!!

Live Minnows

We stock both small and large minnows year round. Our XL minnows are very popular for snakehead, and smaller minnows are great for pickerel, yellow perch and more!

Soft Crab

During the summer, live soft crabs are delivered to us from Smith Island and Crisfield almost daily!  You can bait at least four lines with each crab. Use for rockfish, catfish or perch, or eat them yourself! Click here for a video about how to clean a soft crab for eating! 

Peeler Crabs

Peeler crabs are crabs that are just about molt, becoming soft crabs. Peel off the top hard shell to reveal the soft crab underneath. Cut it and use it in the same way that you do soft crab! Click here for video about how to rig both Soft and Peeler Crab.

Live Spot

During the summer months have a tank full of locally trapped live spot! Questions about how to live line with Spot? Our staff is here to help!

Fresh Razor Clams

A great bait for crabs or fish.  These locally dredged clams come in half-gallon bags and work great for trotlines, traps, or on a hook for Perch and Rockfish.  Delivered 3-4 days a week means you always get fresh bait!

Live Eels

Our locally caught eels are popular for Rockfish, especially in the fall and winter months and for Cobia during the summer! We stock them year round!


AKA Earthworms. Fresh from the ground to our bait cooler, just about everything will eat a nightcrawler!

Grass Shrimp

Locally caught live Grass Shrimp are brought in several times a week to ensure freshness! This is a great bait to use for many species, especially White and Yellow Perch! Click here for a video about how to rig and fish them! 

Trout Worms

Also known as Red Wigglers or Red Worms, these small worms are typically used in composting but they also work great for perch, spot and more!