We are your hub for transfers! With years of experience and extended hours you can be assured your firearm will be taken care of quickly and carefully.

How does it work?

If you are purchasing a firearm online you will purchase the firearm just as your would any other item online. The store will ask for a shipping address/FFL, at this point you can either contact us via phone or fill out the form below*. We will then send the shop a copy of our FFL for shipment.** When the gun arrives we will give you a call to come fill out the paperwork just as if you were buying a new gun from us.

* We will not transfer any gun that does not come from a valid FFL
** Many online stores have our FFL and will not need a copy

If you would like to transfer or “sell” a firearm to someone locally you can simply come in for all paperwork. In short terms the way this process works is the owner of the firearm is “selling” us the firearm for the transfer fee and we are in turn “selling” the firearm to the transferee. Both parties will need to fill out appropriate paperwork.

FFL Transfer Form

Personal Information


FFL Information


Fee’s and Policies

Unregulated firearms are $50. These are generally standard shotguns or rifles. These can usually be transferred on hand in 5-15 minutes.

We are no longer transferring or selling any regulated firearms/handguns.