Two methods of rigging a shad with 9″ and 12″ stinger hooks

Method #1

  • First, measure where the hook will come out of the rigged bait, and mark that place with your finger.
  • Second, mark where the stinger hook will come out of the tail end.
  • Third, where it would come out of the tail end, take the hook and dig it in as far as you can back into the shad.
  • Fourth, take the ring end and bury it into the shad and press it up to reach the connecting point.
  • Lastly connect the parachute through the nose of the shad pressing it through until you feel the eye hitting the hook.

Method #2

  • Begin by rigging the parachute through the shad.
  • Then, mark where the ring will attach and where it will come through the shad, behind the hook.
  • Lastly, dig the hook back through and bend it to thread it through the eye.

Now you are ready to catch that Chesapeake Bay Trophy Rockfish!