Well, it has been one hell of a year for waterfowl hunting and for many not in a good way. The weather has been warm, no weather pattern stays the same longer than 48 hours, and everything north of us has been relatively warm comparatively which in turn has yielded a very poor migration with little birds in the area. However, old man winter decided to show up in New York and Canada which has since pushed A LOT of geese and ducks down to Maryland and Delaware. We are receiving numerous reports of large numbers of snow geese showing up from Cecil County down to Dorchester and across eastwards through Delaware to Bombay Hook. Many Canada geese have also showed up over the last week or so which was much needed as most hunters across the eastern shore have been lacking action all year. (Some even forgot what it feels like to pull the trigger!) But there is hope that with this new colder weather a pattern will develop and with all the new birds that are here and likelihood of an actual winter being a real thing these last few weeks of the waterfowl season. As far as ducks are concerned most of the first wave of gadwall and widgeon that were around for the middle split of the season have since migrated on south however new birds are showing up as hunters are harvesting pintails, black ducks, gadwalls, widgeon, and a few green wing teal that are still present around the lower marshes of Dorchester and Wicomico county. As far as divers go, bluebills have shown up although not in huge numbers that we are typically accustomed to here in mid-January. The good news is if you want a bufflehead beat down then you can have a wonderful day on the bay and rivers as butterballs roam the rivers scavenging for submerged vegetation and such. Ruddies are here in numbers as they always are. (Not really much of a shocker there) north of the bridge we are hearing a little bit about redheads in the area as well as a few of yes, you guessed it, THE KING (a.k.a. Canvasbacks) Though they are not here in huge numbers it is a sign that we may have a few good diver hunts before the season is over. Either that or by the time the majority reaches the bay duck season will be out and we will all be gearing up for yellow perch season. Lastly we move to sea ducks and wow there are some real numbers here. Surfs, Commons, White wings, they are everywhere up and down the bay and good golly miss molly are there a lot of sea duck hunters this year. Many hunters are doing extremely well taking limits of scoters and oldsquaws as more and more move into the area. That right there guys is your migration report for the week, and as always, be safe and shoot straight. And if you can’t shoot straight act like you hit it anyways.

Capt. Avedon