1st Annual Monster Snakehead Hunt

Tournament Date:
Monday May 27th – Monday September 2nd
Winner announced on Labor Day!

Tournament Rules:
• Anglers must pay $10 entry fee
• Anglers must catch Snakehead with hook and line
• Anglers can fish from shore, boat or kayak in any location in Maryland
• Snakehead must be weighed in during normal business hours at our shop
• Anglers may weigh in as many fish as they want
• Heaviest Snakehead wins

Tournament Winner
• Winner will be announced Monday, September 2nd
• Winner keeps all entry fees
• The winning fish will be cast and mounted at Anlgers with the winner’s name & fish info – forever!
• This will be one of the first known casts of a Northern Snakehead!
• Custom mounts and paint jobs take quite a bit of time, approximately 2-4 months.

Special Note: It is illegal to transport live snakehead. The finished mount will look exactly like the fish submitted so if there are any imperfections on the fish, they will be present in the mount.

We recommend:
• Killing the fish by removing it’s gills and letting it bleed out before transporting
• Killing the fish in any way possible without damaging the exterior of the fish
• Keeping it flat on a board in a cooler while transporting to eliminate dents/bends in fish

We do not recommend:
• Cutting off it’s head or cutting it’s throat
• Transporting the fish in a small cooler
• Putting the fish directly on ice to avoid dents in fish