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Berkley Choppo 90mm

Berkley Choppo 90mm


Berkley BHBCP90-MFS 3 2/7”. sz 5 Fusion19 treble. MF SHAD



Designed to deliver top-tier performance to weekend warriors and seasoned pros alike. the Berkley Choppo brings serious topwater waking action. Perfectly balanced to ensure the Choppo comes to life immediately as the retrieve is started. the durable tail propeller of the Choppo spins and spits water while leaving a substantial wake that big fish key in on. Chuck and Wind the Berkley Choppo in open water or around cover and be sure to hold on because the vicious strikes this bait elicits may take the rod out of your hand!

Additional information

Weight0.07 lbs
Dimensions8.2 × 1.9 × 0.75 in

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