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Live Target Shiner

Live Target Shiner


LiveTarget CSS100MS201 Common Shiner Swimbait, 4″, 4/0 Hook, 3/4

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The LIVETARGET Croaker Swimbait is designed for the angler looking to give their target species the ultimate lifelike presentation. LIVETARGET takes matching the hatch to the next level with a completely anatomically accurate profile including accurate placement of dorsal and lateral fins, as well as a strikingly realistic color pattern. These Croaker Swimbaits are effective for catching anything from stripers in the Northeast to redfish, sea trout, and snook off the Gulf Coast. They come rigged and ready to fish right out of the package. The LIVETARGET Croaker swimbaits utilize an extra wide-gap low profile hook on the top where the dorsal fin actually serves as a hook protector, allowing the bait to pass through objects in the water without getting hung up. An accessory pin is located on the belly where spinner blades, weights, or additional hooks can be fitted.

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Weight0.075 lbs
Dimensions4.5 × 5.5 × 0.8 in


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