Many anglers who are trolling for trophy Rockfish will troll umbrella rigs but one of the downsides to an umbrella rig is the amount of weight you need to get the rig deep in the water column. The amount of drag that is produces by the lures (paddle tail shads with a parachute trailer with a larger paddle tail) causes the rig to want to rise to the surface. One solution is to troll a daisy chain rig which essentially does everything “in-line”, reducing drag. This allows you to run a lighter rig and get that lighter rig deeper in the water column.

Rigging your own daisy chain is relatively easy with the right tools. Let’s cover everything you will need to make your own awesome daisy chain.

What you need:

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  • 6′-8′ of 80lb-100lb mono leader line
  • A Crimping tool
  • Billfisher Double Sleeve Size 1.0 Crimps for 60lb-80lb line
  • Owner size 4 Coastlock Ball Bearing Swivel 125lb
  • Your favorite teaser (we used¬†a 3-pack of Tsunami Holo-Teasers)
  • Your favorite 4oz-8oz parachute rigged with a 12″ paddle tail shad with a stinger hook


How to rig it up:

1.) Cut a leader at about 6′-8′ out of 80lb-100lb leader material.

2.) Attach your parachute¬†to the line with a crimp by passing the leader line through the crimp, then through the lure, then back through the crimp leaving a small loop gap between the leader and the lure. Don’t apply too much pressure to the crimp, it may compromise the leader line. Just make sure the leader line won’t come free when a nice pull is applied to the line.

3.) Measure 12″-18″ back and mark with your finger to put the first crimp on. Slide crimp down the leader line and apply enough pressure to fasten the crimp to the leader line without it moving.

4.) Slide your teaser down the line.

5.) Measure another 12″-18″ by doubling the line over from the first crimp to the lure and mark the spot on the leader line with your finger. Slide the next crimp down the line and apply enough pressure to keep it from moving on the leader line. Slide your next teaser down the line.

6.) Repeat step 5 for the last, or any remaining teasers.

7.) Attach a Coastlock Ball Bearing Swivel to the end of the leader line by crimping just like you did with the bait.

That’s it! Not too hard and when you hook into that 40″+ Rockfish it’ll sure be rewarding!