Sika Reel vs. Sika Seducer

Here’s a bit of info on Sika Deer & The Sika Seducer pulled from Doug Wigfield’s website:

“Sika deer are extremely vocal animals just like their cousins out west, the American elk. Sub species are found all over the world; here in the U.S. wild, free roaming sikas are found in Maryland, Virginia and Texas. They are also offered on game farms as well.

Sika stags bugle and growl while both sexes, young and old communicate using chirps, mews, whines and subtle whistles. Especially during the rut, stags can be bugled in as they attempt to run aggressors out of their territories. The other sounds are effectively used to appeal to their sexual desires.

The Sika Seducer will make all of these vocalizations with the proper pitch, volume and clarity that is needed for hunting stags and hinds. It has been used successfully in Maryland, Virginia and Texas and should be a tool in every hunters bag, especially if you like calling animals.”