Angler’s How-to Series: Tandem Jigging Rig

Mike from Angler’s Sportscenter is demonstrating how to tie a tandem jigging rig.

For bait, you could use a 2oz stinger with a 1/4 oz. feather jig off to the side; or you could use a bucktail with a small clouser or any other 1/4 oz jig. It is helpful to use aqua clear MC 1 components parts which will help to keep the line from twisting and tangling when you make the tandem rig.

The first key to this rig is to tie a perfection loop at the top of the line by using 3 – 4 ft of line folded in half. The small end of the line that will come out at ninety degrees is where you would tie your teaser bait. On the long end of the line, rig the bottom or short side, of this component by threading it through and on the back. Then take the small tag end through so that when the rig is done, the tag end comes out the long side end of the barrel.

The long end will come out of the short side, which is where you will you tie on the large bait and the teaser bait.

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