We Suggest Two 100lb Leaders:

First ranging from 4ft – 10ft (an 8 foot 100lb leader is suggested).
Second ranging from 10ft – 20ft (an 18 foot 100lb leader is suggested).

The Setup

The short leader will ALWAYS have the heavier larger bait.
The longer leader will ALWAYS have the smaller, lighter bait.

If using anything less than 80lbs test you can hand tie, but if you are using anything over 80lb test we recommend crimping.

Rule of Thumb:

Baits rigged can be any size, as long as the heavy bait is approximately twice the size of the smaller bait.

Typical for Spring Rockfish Trolling:

Heavy bait: 4-8oz head with a 9” shad
Light bait: 3-5oz head with a 6” shad

Why use a Tandem Rig?

When trolling, your bait will be set in two different parts of the water column, which will double your chances of hooking fish as they travel to and from spawning.